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Self Drilling Screw Ø4,80


Material: Hardened steel
Surface: zinc plated Cr3+
Type: Countersunk head – Phillips


Product description

Self Drilling Screw Ø4,80

As with all types of self-drilling screws, this Phillips flat head screw creates its own treads when driven into the material. This prevents the need to drill an additional pilot hole. Flat screw heads are among the most common types. When used with wood, they lie flush with the surface of the material.
They can also be driven to the bottom of a counterbore and hidden with a plug, making them well-suited for applications where it’s desirable to have no visible screws.
Another benefit of using flat head wood screws is that they help to maintain the integrity of the material. They can countersink and seat flush without causing splintering or other damage. Certain types of flat head screws can also be used to fasten wood to metal materials.
Intended use:
Fixing sheet metal for roofs, carports, fencing, sheds, garages and more is as common an experience to tradies as it is to novice builders. And both types of builder need to save time and money for either business viability or more spare time.
For fixing sheet metal without the need to predrill, see self-drilling screws for a better and faster way to get the job done.
Available in a variance of head types, material compositions and finishes, these screws have now become common place when thinner metals need fixing to each other.
Self-drillers are identified by a point that is very like that of a drill bit, often including a scalloped unthreaded shaft section that helps to cut the metal quickly and smoothly.

Ø4,80x13Zp/1000 in the box
Ø4,80x16Zp/1000 in the box
Ø4,80x19Zp/1000 in the box
Ø4,80x25Zp/500 in the box
Ø4,80x32Zp/500 in the box
Ø4,80x38Zp/500 in the box

Additional information


Ø4,80x13Zp/1000 in the box, Ø4,80x16Zp/1000 in the box, Ø4,80x19Zp/1000 in the box, Ø4,80x25Zp/500 in the box, Ø4,80x32Zp/500 in the box, Ø4,80x38Zp/500 in the box

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