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Mini Mesh 2.4m/50 in the box – Angle Skimbead


Mini Mesh

box of 50
2.4m long
Material: Galvanised Steel
(2€ per piece!!!)

In stock


Product description

Angle Skimbead Mini Mesh Pre Galv 2.4m

Mini Mesh is a thin Coat Bead with Fine Mesh wings designed for single coat plaster applications.
Mini Mesh palstering corner bead from Eurometals Ltd.

HOw to use:
The Mini Mesh bead is completely covered with plaster as well as the rest of the wall and the plaster also helps to hold it firm. Mini Mesh leaves only a small exposed metal strip at the protrusion of the corner which gets covered when the wall is painted. This leaves a clean, straight looking corner.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
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